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Process-Based Security (PBS) FAQs

  • What is the difference between a User-Based Security & a Process-Based Security system?
  • What is Process-Based Security (PBS)? (detailed discription)
  • How does PBS work?
  • What is the System Call Access Verification Process?
  • How does PBS harden the System Call Interface?
  • What would be a short summary of a PBS system?
  • What types of applications or devices are available for the PBS operating system?
  • Is there a document with detailed information explaining the Process-Based Security system that I can download?

BRICKServer® 2 FAQs

  • What is a BRICKServer® 2?
  • What is PBS technology?
  • Does BRICKServer® 2 use Apache® for web services?
  • How does the BRICKServer® 2 protect my database against SQL injection exploits or buffer overflow attacks?
  • My current website is ASP/.NET and runs on Microsoft IIS Server. Can I copy my existing site to a BRICKServer® 2?
  • Can I download BRICKServer® 2 and try it out?
  • What hardware does the BRICKServer® 2 run on?
  • Does the BRICKServer® 2 have RAID or SMP support?
  • Can I install more than one website/IP address per BRICKServer® 2?
  • What E-MAIL server does the BRICKServer® 2 use?
  • Can I login over SSH and edit my files?
  • How do I manage my BRICKServer® 2?
  • I have always maintained Linux® servers. How can I migrate my existing data to a BRICKServer® 2?
  • Do I have to change any paths in my scripts before using them on a BRICKServer® 2?

Secure Web Server Appliance


  • Pre-configured with Web, email and FTP servers
  • Secure Remote Administration
  • Process-Based Built-in Security Policy
  • Worry-free maintenance
  • Hardened Operating System
  • Supports SSL, SSI, PHP, PERL PYTHON, & TCL
  • Supports MY SQL, PostgreSQL and SQL Libraries
  • Multi-domain Hosting, Virtual IP
  • Backup

Industrial Automation Firewall

Firewall AD Graphic


  • Mac Address Limiting
  • Port Management
  • Detection and Rejections of DOS Attacks
  • Protection from Viruses, Trojans and Common Cyber Attacks
  • Secure Your Ethernet Enabled Control System Devices (PLCs, RTUs, IEDs)
  • Physically Hardened
  • Secure, Cyber-Hardened Operating System
  • Protect Your End Devices Against Viruses, Worms, Trojans, Malware and Common Cyber Penetration Attacks
  • Transparent In-Line PLC Firewall and Communications Filter


Process-Based Security

PBS Ad Graphic